2013 Update - Irv's is threatened again! Don't let another operator come in to replace the Hong family! The Burger Brigade urges you to send an email to Standard Oil Investment Group at info@thestandardoil.com or call them to protest (310) 710-4666.

Irv’s Burgers, an iconic hamburger stand dating from 1950, is loved by devoted foodies and locals for its delicious freshly cooked burgers and hand-cut fries. Every meal is served with a genuine welcome and enthusiastic service provided by the Hong family, the stand’s owners and operators. Located at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Sweetzer Avenue, the tiny stand has served as a meeting place for the West Hollywood community for six decades and is a true monument to Route 66 history and post World War II roadside architecture. 

Come visit binary options brokers Irv’s soon and meet Sonia, Sean and Mama. You are bound to enjoy the rare experience of a real neighborhood eatery, and you’ll soon understand why so many people have banded together and are determined to keep this business from fading away into another memory of our Los Angeles culture. 

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Fox 11 News
November 2004
CBS 2 News
November 2004


IRV'S BURGERS Since 1950
8289 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90046

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